What size bin do I need?

Please refer to our “Services Available” page for the bins sizes we supply. Bins are sized by the number of cubic metres they hold. Download bin sizes as a pdf.

What is a cubic metre?

A cubic metre is a unit of measure that is 1m high x 1m wide x 1m long. Generally a level box trailer is approximately 1 cubic metre.

How long can I hire the bin for?

Our hire period is for up to 7 days. If you require the bin for less than 7 days there is no reduction in the quoted price. If you require the bin for longer than 7 days please contact our office for our extended hire rates.

Can the bin be put on the footpath?

Generally, yes, however the supplied bin can not block pedestrian traffic. In some instances, council requires a permit which can be arranged.

What are the payment terms for the bin ?

We require cash or cheque on delivery of the bin, or credit card when the bin is booked. (Mastercard and Visa accepted).

How full can I fill the bin?

Bins have a maximum fill height of the side walls of the bin. Do not overfill bins as it is illegal for drivers to take these.

How much notice is required for booking?

24 hours notice is required for the ordering of a bin. On occasions and availability of bins if you contact us before 9am we may be able to deliver a bin that same day.

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