Do I Require A Council Permit For My Skip Bin?

If you’re looking to dispose of waste in the quickest and easiest way possible, using a skip bin can be a great option. Our skip bins come in a range of sizes from 2 to 15 square metres and will be ideal for you to use to dispose of your rubbish. When using a skip bin service though, it can be difficult to know what kind of permissions you might need from the local council. In this blog post, we’ll make it easier to understand when you might need to get a permit and what steps and costs you might have to undertake.

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When do I need to get a permit?

The first thing to know when considering whether you need to apply for a permit to use a skip bin is whether you’ll be placing the bin on private or public land. If you’re placing the bin on your own private property, then there is almost certainly no reason that you should need to acquire a permit. It may be worth tailoring the size of the skip you hire to the amount of space you have to place a skip on your property.

On public land though, you will most often have to get in contact with your local council and apply for a permit to use a skip. In Queensland specifically, it is well worth checking with your local council before you hire your skip as while in most municipalities you simply need to apply for a permit, others prohibit the placement of skips on public land entirely.

How much can a permit cost?

Permit costs can vary from council to council but are generally more when you’re using a skip bin for commercial purposes than in residential areas. There may be fees for applying to receive a permit and often you’ll be charged for every day that you use the skip. For this reason, it is best to place your skip on private property if at all possible. Even if you’re tempted to take a chance and simply use a skip without applying for a permit it’s worth bearing in mind that fines can be in excess of $1000 so it isn’t really worth the risk.

In almost all cases it is well worth getting in touch with your skip bin provider as well as your local council to make sure you have all the information necessary before applying for a permit. This allows you to make the right choice for yourself and get the most you can for your money. The price may vary depending on the municipality you’re getting in contact with so it is important to specifically get in contact with your council.

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