A Chilli Bin Skip Bin

A guide to choosing the right size skip bin for your project

There are lots of different reasons why you might need a skip bin. It’s important to make sure you hire the right size – one that’s too small makes it impossible to dispose of everything.

One that’s too large means you waste money and space. Knowing what size is right can be tricky, so we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right size skip bin for your project.

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Skips for renovations

One common reason for hiring a skip is renovations. The nature of your renovations will affect which skip bin is right for you. Our smallest option, measuring 2 metres squared is ideal for small jobs that generate rubble. A great example is tiling a shower. You won’t generate vast amounts of rubbish doing a job like this but you need a convenient way to get rid of debris.

For larger renovations, for example, refurbishing a small kitchen or bathroom, one of our 3 metres squared skips is a great choice, giving you ample room to dispose of debris. A skip bin of this size can hold the equivalent of between 25 and 35 bin bags, making it ideal for smaller renovation jobs.

If you’re taking on a larger project like renovating a medium-sized room, one of our 5 metres squared skip bins is a great choice. This gives you ample space to dispose of rubble and can hold the equivalent of up to 55 bin bags.

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Skips for decluttering

Many people hire a skip if they’re decluttering or clearing out a property, possibly to prepare for moving to a new home. The size of the skip bin that you need depends on how much you’re disposing of. If it’s just one room, a smaller 2 or 3 metres squared skip should be sufficient.

If you’re clearing out the whole house or have large and bulky items, you might need a larger skip. It’s worth looking honestly at how much you need to dispose of so you can make the right decision.

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Fit outs and commercial refurbishments

If you’re renovating an entire residential property or working on a commercial refurbishment or shop fit out you’re going to need more space in your skip bin. In these instances, a 6-metre squared skip is a great choice. Skips of this size can handle plenty of heavy waste like concrete and soil so commercial builders often opt for this size.

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House and office clearances

For total house or office clearances, or refurbishment work that involves bulky matter, a 10 metres squared or larger skip is likely to be the most appropriate solution. Skips of this size become too heavy if they’re loaded with bricks or concrete, so it’s worthwhile looking at smaller options if this is what you need it for. A 10-metre skip bin is more appropriate for large quantities of lighter waste.

How much can you fit in each size bin?

The best way to illustrate the capacity of each bin size we offer at Chilli Bins is perhaps by comparing each of our skip bin sizes to standard wheelie bins. Below is a list of the skip bin sizes we offer alongside an approximate equivalent amount of wheelie bins and an example of what might fit in each skip bin.

  • 2m³, equivalent to around 8 wheelie bins, ideal for small amounts of green waste, clutter or junk.
  • 3m³, equivalent to around 12 wheelie bins, ideal for small amounts of green waste and junk and smaller items of furniture.
  • 4m³, equivalent to around 16 wheelie bins, perfect for standard household clean-up jobs including removing furniture or white goods.
  • 5m³, equivalent to around 20 wheelie bins, ideal for larger furniture and white goods removal jobs.
  • 6m³, equivalent to around 24 wheelie bins, ideal for larger projects including big renovations and the removal of large furniture items and appliances.
  • 8m³, equivalent to around 32 wheelie bins, this is a large skip bin for residential renovations and removals and can fit many items of large furniture.
  • 10³, equivalent to around 40 wheelie bins, ideal for demolitions, deceased estates, and large-scale building projects.
  • 12m³, equivalent to around 48 wheelie bins, is usually used for commercial building and construction projects with very high volumes of waste.
  • 15m³, equivalent to around 60 wheelie bins, is the largest skip bin size we offer and is usually used in very large scale commercial construction projects.

Factors that affect what size bin you'll need

Before ordering your skip bin, it’s important to think carefully about which skip bin size is right for your project. You’ll want to consider a range of factors, including the size of your project and the space you’ve got for accommodating a skip bin.

Where will you put your skip bin?

One factor you’ll need to consider when choosing a skip bin size is the location of your skip bin. In some smaller residential areas, larger skip bins won’t fit even if your project scale requires a lot of skip bin space. If you can’t fit a larger bin nearby, you may have to opt instead for a smaller skip bin that is emptied more regularly. It’s important to consider not just whether your skip bin will fit, but also whether your skip bin will fit without obstructing traffic, walkways, or other important exits and paths.

How big is your project?

The size of your project is, ultimately, the biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing a skip bin size. Smaller skip bins, of 2 to 4m², are ideal for small clean-up jobs such as renovating a room in your home or tidying up your yard. Bigger skip bins are needed for bigger projects, such as household waste, furniture, and construction waste. Commercial-scale projects will require much larger skip bins than most residential projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What fits in a cubic metre?

If you’re struggling to get your head around how big a cubic metre actually is, here are some examples of what fits inside one cubic metre of space:

  • A washer and a dryer
  • 8 standard packing boxes
  • 2 bicycles
  • A 2-seater sofa

Obviously, it depends on how big your sofa is – but these examples are broadly accurate illustrations of how much space common household goods take up.

What if I get my bin size wrong?

Don’t worry too much if you make a mistake when estimating the bin size you’ll need. We can collect or replace your skip bin at a time that suits you, ensuring that you have all the bin space you need even if your project runs over schedule.