What To Look For When Choosing A Skip Bin Hire Company

Are you looking for a high-quality skip bin company on the Sunshine Coast? Working out which skip bin company is going to provide the best solution to your requirements can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve put together five features to look out for when trying to decide which company to select. It’s likely that a company satisfying all the criteria detailed below will provide the responsive, helpful service you need, as well as a skip that’s exactly right for your needs.

White Truck on The Road — Cheap Skip Bin Hire in Sunshine Coast, QLD

Choose a local company

A local company is more likely to deliver your skip the same day or the next day, as they don’t have to waste time travelling vast distances between drop-offs and pick-ups. If you’ve got a problem with your skip, or need advice about skip permits in your area, your local skip bin hire company are on-hand to give you the support you need. Furthermore, because travel costs are low, you’re likely to get your skip for less!

Range of skip sizes

From tiny mini-skips through to large-scale skips that are used on building sites or in industry, there is a wide range of different skip sizes. If your skip bin company has a range of sizes available, you can pick the one that most closely matches your needs. If you’re not sure how large a skip you need, a good company will provide suitable recommendations, based on your circumstances.

If in doubt, it’s usually best to opt for a skip that’s slightly larger than you think you might need – the cost of hiring a larger skip is almost always less than that for hiring two smaller skips.

Has customer care as a priority

Your skip bin hire experience should feel effortless! A good skip provider will have a professional, friendly, can-do attitude, as well as the capacity to provide a suitable skip when you need it.

Flexible delivery and pick-up

A responsive skip company should drop your skip off almost as soon as you need it – expect a high-calibre company to have your skip ready and delivered for you the day after you order it, or even the same day if you need a skip urgently. When it comes to picking up your skip, a flexible approach is vital. If you fill your skip earlier than planned, or encounter an unexpected delay and need to hold on to your skip for a bit longer, a good skip company can accommodate your changing requirements.

Mixed loads

If you require a skip as part of a house clearance, remodelling project or to hold general waste, it may contain what’s known as a “mixed load”. Skip companies are required to separate out the waste from skips into different categories, depending on what can be recycled and what needs to go to landfill. A mixed skip contains waste from several different categories and will require sorting once the skip is collected. Some companies won’t take a mixed skip, preferring to pick up skips filled with a single type of material only.

Chilli Bins Skip Bins offers a mixed skip service – provided the skip doesn’t contain any materials that are on our banned list, we will take your skip of mixed waste and dispose of it as sustainably as possible.

We take most domestic and commercial waste. The types of waste that we don’t accept include asbestos, chemicals, paint, firearms and explosives. If you’re not sure whether a material is suitable for skipping, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise.

Chilli Bins Skin Bins is a local Sunshine Coast skip bin hire company that meets all the criteria listed above. Call on 1800 358 955 to book a skip today or find out more.